April 2017

...... Friesencrew ...... Pailletten-Disco


°^SISSI und die Chinesische Wäscherei°^ präsentieren: Arne Jysch "Der nasse Fisch"/Spencer Clark, Sea Urchin, Lieven Martens Moana

! 20.00 ! Friese...

Arne Jysch:

Berlin 1929: Der junge Kriminalkommissar Gereon Rath wird nach einer Schießerei in Köln zur Sittenpolizei nach Berlin versetzt. Als er dort in einen Mordfall verwickelt wird, wittert der ehrgeizige Polizist seine Chance, zur angesehenen Mordkommission aufzusteigen und ermittelt auf eigene Faust an den Kollegen vorbei. Er ahnt nicht, dass er damit in ein Wespennest gestochen hat...
Der Berliner Comiczeichner Arne Jysch („Wave and Smile“) setzt mit „Der nasse Fisch“ den ersten von bisher sechs Kriminalromanen von Volker Kutscher in eine kongeniale Graphic Novel um.
Bei der Recherche konnte Jysch auf das Material und die Kontakte des Autors Volker Kutscher zurückgreifen. Neben einer Lesung mit Arne Jysch und einem Werkstattbericht über die Entstehung seiner Graphic Novel „Der nasse Fisch“ findet im Rahmen von "10 Jahre Sissi und die chinesische Wäscherei" ein Live-Konzert mit verschiedenen Bands statt.

Lieven Martens Moana:

“After two sold out concerts in Tokyo and Osaka, we treat ourselves on a trip to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. After spending a little time in the main city of Naha we took a ferry to Tokashikijima, a small island surrounded by coral reefs, mother-of- pearl farms and infested by an aggressive and poisonous snake. Aharen, a classic small beach town stuck in a fabricated memory of 80’s surf movies, was to be our home for just a few days. While walking through its snake infested bush and through its lagoon, while photographing, the Tombeau De Robert Louis Stevenson, a composition I was hinting at in live environments, became reality inside a patchwork of history, of coral reefs. While walking on the beach, more or less solitary since tourist season was just a few months away, while listening to the gorgeous sound of a small motoric fishing boat working on the reef – an ever-pleasing sound -, and to beautiful synthesized steel drum music coming from the local junior school. In the end the piece became so simple, an almost clinical exhibition of sound, that it became a difficult world entangled in meaning. Like a coral reef that is so pretty, yet dangerous, vibrant, endangered, complex, slow, fast, all at the same time. (…) Since I already figured out how to present my idylls – in a possible dark sense of the word – in the various forms, presented as a storytelling collection in four parts. Being a portrait (which could be a secretive self-portrait), a comment on ethnography, an exotic illustration and a ritual. The latter used in the most mundane sense ever, since I’d like to stay far away from a sensational bubblegum approach to (religious) pseudo-ethnography, to the copying of ethnic behaviour, or to approaching it as something odd or weird. These behaviourisms unavoidably invoke the end of all rituals, thus making the world a duller place.”


SISSI/und die Chinesische Wäscherei 10 Jahre Kollaboration:

Bitte geht nicht nach Berlin!

20.00 Bremen/Steintor/

Kontakt: bandscheibensalat@web.de

JAM CAFÉ 11.04

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Du hast Bock Musik zu machen und andere junge Musiker*innen kennenzulernen?
Dann komm ins Jam Café in der Friese.
Willkommen sind alle Leute, die Musik hören oder selber auf der Bühne machen wollen, egal ob mit Instrument, Gesang oder ganzer Band. Equipment wie Schlagzeug, usw. ist vorhanden
Open Stage/Jam Session – Refugees Welcome!
Am 11. April um 18 Uhr in der Friese

Thekengräten: Kassettenparty

°^SISSI und die Chinesische Wäscherei°^ präsentieren: Mobina Galore (Winnipeg)

Mobina Galore | Vocally aggressive punk rock duo

...... Friesencrew ...... ALARIC + ............... PINKISH BLACK (beide US)





Claustrophobic, gloomy, and epically grandiose, we find the four members coming together at the height of their powers. Shane Baker’s lyrics are simultaneously deeply personal and universal in scope. They reflect hard times in a fallen world at a time of monumental change in the lives of the band members. These are emotional and deeply physical journeys they are taking us on here. This is inky, blackened stuff, but not without a glint of hope. It could be moonlight shining through a crack in the wall or maybe just a sickly glow out of the corner of your eye.  Jason Willer pummels the drums, driving the band forward with power and finesse and then dropping down into a roiling boil of tribal toms. This is heavy. Bassist Rick Jacobus deals in woozy but solid lines that often carry the melody while filling out the sonic space with riding drone notes. “I am going for a "sheets of electric rain" guitar sound”, says guitarist Russ Kent, and he is absolutely a master of his craft. He creates scintillating, cascading moments of beauty that open into crushing and aggressive distortion. Also on this recording the band enlisted the sound artist and experimental electronic musician Thomas Dimuzio to contribute his unique atmospheric investigations to enhance the album. Dimuzio utilizes a Buchla Polyphonic radio tuner, modular analog synthesizers, and other non-traditional methods to create his art. Make no mistake, this is not passive listening. These are songs. Instant classics for a new dark age.

Alaric began their journey in 2008 with an eye toward creating a moody and compelling music of a sort not often performed in this day and age. A different concept of doom, if you will. Beginning with influences from such progenitors as Killing Joke and Christian Death to the darkest, heaviest punk bands and the most epic psychedelia, the band has dedicated itself to creating a shadowy electric guitar driven music that is truly their own. When they moved to document their songs on their first album, reviews were glowing. Zero Tolerance Magazine proclaimed, “Morbid, threatening and obsidian… Album of the Year by a long shot." In a review of their split with Atriarch,  CVLT Nation wrote, “…one experiences an immersion in watery black textures as if drawn welcomingly into a drowning, slowly swirling, abyss.”


ALARIC features​ within its ranks current and former members of Dead And Gone, Pins Of Light, Noothgrush, Hedersleben, UK Subs, and Jello Biafra And Guantanamo School Of Medicine. ​




One of the most interesting and far-thinking experimental duos
currently active, PINKISH BLACK is a group that displays an unflinching capacity to dip their toes in all sorts of disparate musical markets, from doom metal and industrial to post-punk and no-wave.


„Pinkish Black, the Fort Worth, Texas duo

mixing deathrock with krautrock, analog drone with glimmering melody, and the solitary atmosphere of horror movie soundtracks with the welcoming voice of Daron Beck. Think Christian Death morphing with Tortoise, or Ian Curtis guesting with Goblin. Beck may also bring to mind a goth Mike Patton, Peter Murphy, or Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman: At times he snarls and howls like he’s in hell, but he mostly croons, chants, and pushes his crystalline baritone skyward.

At a Pinkish Black show I put on a few years ago, Beck carefully set up his keyboards and synths like a cocoon, while his lifelong friend and drummer Jon Teague bashed things beside him. It was visually intense, and the obvious connection between the two was moving. As they told me over the phone recently, Pinkish Black is a band that rose from tragedy, and their music is inspired by some of the darkest aspects of humanity—but it’s also animated by the joy that comes from making music together and sharing a history“. (geklaut bei pitchfork)