...... Friesencrew&BettyBeatz ...... POCHWALONE (PL)


Eclectic radical fem-power-jazzy-punk (Kraków/Sejny/Warszawa)

We play as a trio: bass, drums and vocal, although sometimes there used to be 12 people in the band. We play and sing about women's concerns and what afflicts them. We mix contemporary women poetry with old traditional folk songs, finding new meanings at the intersections of the text-based collages. Community experiences, rebellion through generations, powers, infirmities, clubbing and frolic, fun and sadness. Besoms, feminists, mothers and singles, chicks and witches, a maid in a forest - the ones from the nineteenth-century village, the ones from concrete estates - together! Diverse and eclectic musically: tight and lyrical, fast and trance, screaming and melodic - now more punk and trance than folk.
"We reach for the poems of contemporary poetesses, combine them with little-known texts of old songs sung by rural women, we dismantle traditional texts that work in a wide circulation, re-create them and give them new meanings. Defiant words and emotions pulsate under a rough musical layer: the sound of the bass-percussion section and the hoarse voice."