..... Friesencrew ...... HEAVY BLEEDING (SE) + REACTORY (Bln) ...... + SILENT ERA (Oakland,US) + MÖRKT MOLN (Göteborg, SE)




Gothenburg, Sweden

Dark and desperate blood rock with punk and black metal influences. Well rooted in the DIY punk scene.



Influenced by American and European thrash bands of the mid ’80s, which delivered the whole package — feeling, attitude, technical skills —, 2010-founded REACTORY are among the outstanding representatives of the new wave of Thrash Metal: they reintroduce original rawness and honesty to the Thrash scene of today. (geklaut bei http://reactory-thrash.com)



This EP features four tracks of Silent Era’s near perfect amalgam of the best kind of melodic hardcore (think Post-Regiment) and dark anarcho punk (think A Touch of Hysteria or Zounds). The sleeve of 7″ also features a lovely printed insert and gorgeous cover art by singer Michelle Hill. (geklaut bei http://sabotagerecords-shop.net)


MÖRKT MOLN (Göteborg, SE)
80's flavored Doom Metal Punk