...... Friesencrew ...... MORUS (Warszawa) + OHYDA (Lublin)


MORUS (Warsaw, Poland)

play fully charged HC/PUNK that comes along very dynamic but is also ridden with razor sharp edges. Lyrically focused on a deeper socio-political statement against the ongoing repression with a strong feminist message. Forged in the fires of the Warsaw punk underground by members of POST REGIMENT and fellow Warsaw punkers ANTIDOTUM, EDELWEISS PIRATEN, ATOMICO PATIBULO and [peru].

"We put our hearts in it. It's honest. It's Punk. The music is fast but melodic. I think about the lyrics I write carefully. They're angry and political but also poetic, stuff that is important to us, things that are difficult to deal with, stuff that hurts, rather sad and depressing... " Nika - Morus (zitat von bandcamp)



is a dark hardcore punk band from Lublin, Poland, featuring ex-members of Alert! Alert!. Having formed in early 2015 shortly after the previous band’s end, they played their first gig on May 1st of that year. Inspired by music like Siekiera, Tragiedia, and Atak, Ohyda brings psychedelic and postpunk flavors to hardcore. Their debut self-titled record is out now on LVEUM.

“Wladza” opens the album with feedback and rough noise. The guitar creeps along in a high pitched whine not unlike something you’d hear in a Bauhaus song. A tough, doomy guitar picks up right when the echoing, tormented vocals chime in. There’s some obvious crust influence in this track, but they combine a bunch of different elements to make it their own, giving it a fresh feel.  (geklaut bei: cvltnation.com